June 2011 - The Saplings Pre-School

Posted on 30-06-2011

Elearn UK & Stonebridge Associated Colleges have recently donated £250 to The Saplings Pre-school.

The Saplings Pre-school is run as a charity and looking for support in any way possible. We are looking into acquiring our own premises through a lease to move onto 2 The Square, Martlesham Heath, as we have outgrown our current hall that we hire.

The main reasons for our move are to allow us to have the following:

  • Offer pre-school to more local children
  • Extend our sessions available to include Wednesday mornings which we cannot currently run due to the hall not being available
  • Opportunity for permanent displays of children’s work
  • Construct our own outside space to allow the children greater access to the outdoors including a garden area

Obviously, with this move in mind, there are a number of setup costs that we will need to meet, particularly in installing ‘child’ toilets in the building and making the outside space safe and secure with fencing and rubber flooring. We have already raised over £2,500 towards these costs, and are continuing to look into other sources of funding.


Elearn UK & Stonebridge in the Community

Elearn UK & Stonebridge Associated Colleges are proud to announce our "Stonebridge in the Community" charity scheme. As a college we realise we have a social responsibility to those in our community who are less fortunate and thus we have set up "Stonebridge in the Community". It is our aim to donate at least £500 per month to worthwhile causes. This donation is available to any registered charity or community sports club.

If your charity or sports club would like to apply for the funding you simply need to e-mail the college (info@stonebridge.uk.com) and explain why:

1.         Your charity or sports club should receive the donation
2.         What your charity or sports club intends to do with the funds

We will make a decision monthly on which charity or sports club has been allocated the donation each month

Please note: In order to be eligible for the funding your charity or sports club must agree to allow us to publish their proposal on this page, including any relevant photos. The decision of the college is final and no further correspondence will be entered into, however charities or sports clubs are welcome to submit the same proposal in following months, if unsuccessful. The college reserves the right to not make a donation in a month where it is not felt that it would go to a worthy cause, and likewise the college reserves the right to make more than one donation on months where it believes there to be numerous good causes.



  • AstralW
    24-02-2013 22:27:11
    It is touching to see Stonebridge involved in charity. x
  • daniela
    08-12-2012 04:02:01
    it's always good to give back
  • rebecca bath
    19-11-2012 08:31:13
    it gives the kids a brilliant opportunity in life, great raising money for a pre school! well done!
  • rebecca bath
    12-11-2012 08:38:46
    great idea to a pre school and £250 will def help the pre school and children, well done!
  • Vivi Anderson
    08-05-2012 16:23:52
    its Fantastic to read just how much Stonebridge and Elearn do for charity. Very Inspiring that charities can benefit not only in a financial sense but also getting much needed publicity for thier great causes.
  • Mike Anderson
    17-03-2012 17:38:46
    Saplings do excellent work having looked on their website its great to see the success they are having. and also well done stonebridge for your in the community scheme, here's hoping many places can gain funding and draw awareness to thier charities
  • sarah
    27-02-2012 00:06:02
    brilliant idea

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