To enable people of different abilities to become accomplished on the electronic keyboard. The courses follow a progressive pattern and students are strongly recommended to use this to good effect by commencing with the Introductory Course.
Each course builds upon the skills and knowledge previously attained, with reinforcement and reward for skills and musicality gained.

The essence of the course is on correct classical training but with a modern and enjoyable approach. Music contained within each Unit will be broad in nature; covering many styles. Learning is self-paced in the student’s own environment but there will be the opportunity to take part in optional workshops in Cornwall, with face to face tuition and group participation.

Feedback is an essential element in learning, and this will be provided through tutor marked assessments with theory and practical implementation, as well as self-assessment opportunities to monitor progress. Help and support will also be available via phone or e-mail.

For those wishing to acquire formal qualifications, there is the opportunity to register with private personal tutors in your area for further courses of study which follow the examination syllabus of The Victoria Music College, leading to nationally recognised awards.


Certificate awarded upon successful completion of the Introductory Course.

Opportunity for external examinations with the Victoria College of Music, London.


The most important goals are those of playing well, having confidence and most of all, a sense of enjoyment and fulfilment.

There are more tangible goals for those seeking academic success through the examination system offered by Victoria College, London.

Whilst by no means compulsory, graded examinations do give that sense of achievement upon gaining nationally recognised certificates and qualifications.

Sample Course Materials

Please click on the logo below to view a few sample pages of the course materials we provide. Whilst this is only a few sample pages, we do hope that it will give you some idea of the quality of the materials we provide. If you have anymore queries in relation to the course materials, please feel free to contact one of our friendly course advisors who will be more than happy to deal with any queries that you may have.

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