Introduction to the Mindfulness Course

Observing Thought

National Occupational Standards - Healing Part 1

An Overview of Providing Healing

Preparation for Healing - Organising


Expectations and “Shoulds”


Basic Relaxation Techniques and Therapies

Chakra Healing

Balance of the Ego

Basic Psychoanalysis Theory and Useful Techniques

Assumptions, Possession, Insights, Confusion and Quiet Time

Humanism and Humanistic Counselling

Gestalt Therapy Part 1

Gestalt Therapy Part 2

Basic Counselling Skills Explained

Counselling Skills

Counselling National Occupational Standards Revision Module

Cognitive Behavioural Change (CBT) Part 1

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Part 2

CBT 3 – Practical methods

Professional Practice and Responsibilities