Chapter One introduces the student to the course.

Chapter Two outlines what stock trading is and the different types of stocks available to investors.

Chapter Three will delve into the stock marketplace so that the student can gain a better appreciation of what different types of markets there are and how they operate.

Chapter Four provides the new stock trader with practical information relating to choosing the right online broker and discussion regarding the brokers trading platform.

Chapter Five gives a detailed analysis of the mechanics of trading; buying and selling, types of orders, leverage/cash accounts and calculating profit or loss.

Chapter Six focuses on analysing a company and ultimately determining whether you should place a trade on that stock.

Chapter Seven covers picking stocks based on your investment objectives.

Chapter Eight focuses on Fundamental Analysis. To know what factors move markets is essential to be a profitable trader. Fundamental Analysis looks at present economic numbers and economic policy, conditions such as interest rates, trade balances, etc…

Chapter Nine provides a discussion on Technical Analysis. Technical Analysis looks at prior price movements and employs the use of charts.

Chapter Ten outlines major trading strategies employed by traders to determine what stocks to trade.

Chapter Eleven and Twelve cover money management and key elements successful traders utilize to become profitable. These chapters will provide insight into the discipline and work ethic needed to succeed in this field.

Chapter Thirteen provides outside sources for the new trader including top news providers and various online stock brokers.